Portable skid mount RTM75 rapid charger

In an ongoing effort to solve unique charging demand issues, Jump Charging is developing a portable, skid-mounted solution for charging station installation that enables swift deployment in service locations experiencing increases in EV charging demand due to seasonality, specialist events, construction projects, or emergency situations.

Supported by EECA with co-funding through Round 3 of the Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF), the first of these innovative skids will be fitted with a robust Tritium RTM 75 fast charging unit capable of charging two electric vehicles simultaneously at a capacity of 75kW. Adding to its flexibility, the design enables connection to either a standard 400V system or alternatively a high voltage 11kV supply through the inclusion of an onboard transformer.

Not only is this skid and those to follow for Jump Charging’s implementation alone, it is also the intent to make these available to any number of different companies and organisations to meet their charging needs. Whether hitting the slopes, heading to holiday hot spots, or effectively operating a sustainable business, these solutions are here to ensure that commitment to zero emissions transport is no longer a barrier.