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Jump Charging provides energy solutions that fit the changing operational environment. Electricity, hydrogen and a mix of renewable energy sources enable green charging and fuelling infrastructure, suitable for a wide range of applications, to be built nationwide. 


While electric vehicle charging stations are now common across the country, there is a significant lag in the installation of commercially suitable charging stations. Jump Charging partners with business, industry and local authorities to install ultra-fast DC electric vehicle charging stations suitable for commercial fast charging. This ensures operational efficiency by minimising downtime and improving economy while reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint.


Green hydrogen enables large quantities of energy to be stored in a smaller, lighter footprint than batteries, providing a zero-emissions fuelling solution for heavy transport equipment and machinery. Hydrogen fuel also has the benefit of fast refuelling times and extended vehicle range.

Unlike most hydrogen which is produced with fossil fuels, green hydrogen is powered by renewable energy resulting in zero carbon emissions. Jump Charging provides support services for businesses looking to establish their own green hydrogen production and dispensing infrastructure, including partnering to establish reliable distribution networks.


Renewable energy sourced from wind, solar and micro-hydro can be used to power electric vehicle charging stations and hydrogen production or fuelling stations. Jump Charging uses these sources to supplement supply from the grid and in remote locations where there may not be an adequate electricity supply.

We have a range of energy generation and storage solutions available that can be coupled to charging and fuelling systems. This ensures that energy is available on demand and at the appropriate delivery rates.

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