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Starting with the client’s needs, we assess the current infrastructure in place alongside the required outcomes and devise a tailored solution to create operational efficiency, keeping your fleet of vehicles charged and on the move.

Advise & Partner

Working across industry, and alongside our communities, we build partnerships to support the use of charging and fuelling infrastructure. Our goal is to back your transition to green energy by understanding your needs, assessing the options and identifying the most effective solutions to support a positive change in how you conduct your business.

Design & Install

Jump Charging combines in-house expertise and professional partnerships to design, engineer and build charging and fuelling infrastructure. We look at the specific requirements of each location and application, factor in consistency of energy supply and implement tailored solutions that fit the operational needs of your business while maximising wider benefits.

Equipment Leasing

As an alternative to the capital-intensive nature of developing new infrastructure, we provide leasing options for ultra-fast DC charging equipment. With a range of equipment options, we are able to customise solutions for early industry adopters to roll out state of the art infrastructure at a fraction of the upfront cost.

Manage & Maintain

Ongoing operation and maintenance of installed charging infrastructure is managed by the Jump Charging team. This frees up your time to concentrate on core business while knowing that the infrastructure you have put in place is expertly managed and maintained to ensure maximum returns.

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