Agritech Business Park

Jump Charging has been chosen by Agritech Green Investments, to construct and maintain an ultra-fast electric vehicle charging hub at the new Agritech Business Park in Rakaia, Canterbury. Stage 1 of this project will see installation of two 150kW high-capacity DC fast-charging units each capable of simultaneous vehicle charging from a 300kW pool of power.

This project is part of a wider, multi-million-dollar development funded through private investment with a focus on sustainability. The 23-hectare commercial subdivision adjacent to State Highway One will also include:

  • An integrated transport and logistics hub that is supported by rail (new rail siding) and heavy transport.
  • Embedded green energy solutions including:
    1. Green hydrogen production and fuelling.
    2. Independent private business EV charging infrastructure.
    3. Solar power generation.
  • Materials handling, storage, and large-scale warehousing.
  • Fuel sales and distribution.
  • Vertical farming.
  • Engineering.
  • New technologies in large scale organic, plastic-free animal feed manufacturing.
  • Development of onsite retail precinct, accommodation and secure truck stop around the fast-charging hub.

Placing an ultra-fast EV charging hub in this location will service demand from Business Park tenants and support further electric vehicle uptake in the Rakaia and wider Canterbury region. This project will also be a test case for implementation of further integrated fast-charging hubs of this nature across New Zealand.

This exciting EV charging initiative has been made possible by co-funding and support received from the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority’s (EECA) Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF).

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