Mandeville Village Fast Charger

Further to Jump Charging’s direct support of private clients, we have also commenced development of a network of centralised commercial rapid chargers both independently and in conjunction with aligned partnerships at key locations such as industrial hubs and along the primary state highway network.

Jump Charging believes a fast, visible and accessible charging network based around the needs of commercial users is critical to providing effective operational charging for businesses and by default the general public.

As part of this, Jump Charging is currently installing their first public charger at Mandeville Village in Swannanoa, North Canterbury with this 75kw dual head fast charging solution servicing the rapidly growing local communities of Mandeville, Swannanoa and Ohoka alongside traffic commuting to/from Christchurch.

While the area includes a combination of ac and lower capacity dc chargers in the main centres of Rangiora and Kaiapoi, the wider district consisting of numerous smaller semi-rural towns and communities is currently unsupported. As such, Jump Charging are focusing on remedying this by providing a high-quality dc fast charger strategically located to maximise its effectiveness. While generally not that far from larger centres, areas like this are more often than not overlooked when it comes to the roll out of infrastructure and technologies such as ev charging. Communities with similar demographics are commonplace throughout New Zealand, also supporting and influencing the wider rural sector which is a mainstay of the country’s economy.

Universal payment options are a core requirement of Jump Charging’s network offering; hence this site will be showcasing the country’s first integrated credit/debit card reader to enable quick and easy payment processing without the need for apps or fobs. This feature is a critical aspect ahead of the larger sites being rolled out later this year. Jump Charging will also offer rfid tags/cards for commercial users who require a charge back service with their account billed monthly, and which provides other benefits in recognition of high use by their fleets.

Stay tuned to hear more on Jump Charging’s national charging network ambitions.